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The last workout of the day is a series of rowing intervals which consists of five 30-second rounds on the rowing machine, where her heart rate needs to stay in the red zone of over 175 bpm.'The rowing's fine,' Michelle says of the challenge. But there is something about this machine that makes it hard to keep my heart rate up.

'If you're anything like me you've been waiting all summer for the Mayweather and Mc Gregor showdown,' she says excitedly.'I've been following Conor on social media for a long time and am super intrigued in his training program so today I'm actually going to be trying his exact cardio conditioning workout.'Michelle, who often posts videos of health routines and product trials, then takes followers through the first phase of the workout, which is called the The Ramp Test.

A brave woman stepped into the boxing ring to try and complete Conor Mc Gregor's famed cardio workout - and was left in a state of complete and utter exhaustion as a result of the insanely-tough regime. The video starts with a sneak peak of the workout regimen's intensity, showing a quick clip of the Los Angeles-based vlogger covered head to toe in sweat, dragging herself across the room with her black boxing gloves, looking utterly defeated.'I'm just going to drag myself out the door. ' she tells the camera while crawling across the floor, seemingly in agony.

You Tuber and fitness fanatic Michelle Khare, who has long been a fan of the Irish MMA fighter, stepped into his gloves for a day in a video where she trialed the famed Conor Mc Gregor's F. Michelle then explains the format of the mixed martial artist and professional boxer-approved workout routine - and reveals why she decided to attempt the physical feat in the first place.

The workouts, designed to keep your heart working at a certain rate, is a method Conor swears by and he is often seen working out wearing a heart monitor to assure the desired rate is maintained.'I think its really cool that it customizes the workout just to you,' Michelle says, but admits that she found keeping her rate up is much harder than it looks.

The second workout of the day sees Michelle hitting the heavy bag room; despite being exhausted from her run on the treadmill, she gamely straps on her boxing gloves with confidence and gets nose to nose with a hitting bag.'This next workout is going to be pretty tough,' she tells the camera.'I guess that kind of simulates a UFC round...

She’s leaving for college and her boyfriend was supposed to accompany her on the trip, but it looks like he got insecure and backed up at the last minute, so she broke up with him.

Looks like he was afraid she would turn into a total slut at college, which is in far from the truth, but anyway, LOL!

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