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C wpf binding not updating

It’s All About Portability In Silverlight, there is no native mechanism for registering a property to affect measure or arrange.

The “base” value is always passed into the Coerce Value Callback and the value returned from that method becomes the new “effective” value.

If you use my snippets, you can follow the exact same approach in Silverlight that you would use in WPF for properties that affect layout.

My Framework Property Metadata class will take care of the necessary layout invalidations.

That means if either the Minimum or Maximum values change, the Value property must explicitly be coerced.

As such, the property changed callback for the Maximum property also coerces the Value property, something like this: Base Value vs.

Furthermore, achieving parity between frameworks can prove to be very difficult.

As evidence of this, note that the pseudo-coercion within Silverlight’s native Slider control is just wrong.

In WPF, the Slider control (or more specifically, the Range Base control) ensures that these property values stay valid by using a feature of the dependency property metadata called a Coerce Value Callback.