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It was believed that the sun god gave all powers to King Hammurabi and entrusted him with the ring and rod, which were symbols of divine justice and kingship.

Even though JC's album didnt do as well as JTs, I'd still pick JC over Justin any day. In my opinion, I think Justin is very gutsy to write this kind of song (serious or not). The fact that you beat down a silly song that was indeed, supposed to follow a silly connotation is jus kind of well... Just like an Eminem song (who I have tremenddous respect for as an artist), everyone is thinking very ambiguously.

I think this song doesn't have a whole lot of talent to be grammy worthy. You are a down to earth person who deserves better.

There is a distinct difference between an artist who sings a song written for them (I'm not saying that's a bad thing) and one who writes a song based on what he or she has experienced.