Start Updating iphone after jailbrake

Updating iphone after jailbrake

When you jailbreak your device, you are subject to data loss.

If you are doing this for the first time, it will take some time but the follow will be faster. With this program, you are able to save copies of files from your i Phone (i Phone 8 and i Phone X included) to the computer hard drive.

This program supports many types of files ranging from media, messages, calendar, contacts and much more.

You need to download a suitable app like Pangu jailbreak app. In the screen that follows, you are required to rename the icon of the app. To get the latest updates of Pangu i OS 10 jailbreaks, you need to tap on this icon. How to Backup Jailbroken i Phone to i Tunes Before Upgrading to i OS 10 i Tunes is capable of extracting settings, messages, saved games, documents, camera roll, Home screen and app organization among others. In an event where you have lost your data, either due to restoration or any other problem that result in loss of data, you can easily retrieve as long as you have an internet connection.

With such an app, you only require following the guidelines and you will successfully upgrade your jailbroken i Phone device to i OS 10. When you tap on this, a web page which is designed specifically for Pangu i OS 10 app will open. When the page has loaded, get to the bottom of your i Phone and click on the “up” arrow. A screen appears in which you need to choose Add to Home Screen. i Tunes will take a backup of your device if you have sync with the i Tunes, which is disabled when the i Cloud backup is on. The prerequisite is that you have to ensure your device has enabled i Cloud backup. Tap the “Backup” located at the bottom of the i Phone screen, while doing these, you ensure that your i Cloud Backup has already turned on. At the bottom of your i Phone screen, tap on “Back up now”.

To get this upgrade, you are required to download a suitable app. Using Pangu jailbreak app, you can Upgrade Jailbroken i Phone to i OS 10 as outlined below. On your i Phone, launch Safari web browser with i OS 10 firmware running. You need to ensure that you are connected to the computer which has i Tunes. The following steps show how you can extract data from your i Phone by using i Cloud backup. i Cloud will successfully backup your data within a very short time.

You always have to ensure that your battery has enough power while the backup process is in progress.

So if you want to update your jailbroken device to i OS 9 , your only way to do it is through i Tunes.

Please remember that once you update to i OS 9, you will lose your jailbreak and all the installed jailbreak tweaks and you will not be able to downgrade to a jailbreakable i OS firmware.i OS 9 Download – Update Compatibility List : The following devices are compatible with i OS 9 : Make sure your prepare yourself for the i OS 9 update as well as the i OS 9 jailbreak so that you can get the most out of your i OS 9 device.

You can either extract all files or just of your choice.

When the file selection is complete, click on “Export to Mac” button to make the process complete.

They are always eager to get the updates of these latest i OS so that they can also upgrade their jailbroken i Phones. It then necessitates the respective user to look for a way of keeping and recovering this data. Right click on this device and select the “Back Up Now” button. Additionally, if you want to ensure more security for your data, you can select “Encrypt i Phone Backup” option.