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Still, it was asphalt almost all the way on a combination of small roads and bike paths.

Ingolstadt to Donauworth – 68 kms, 400 metres of climbing It might be hard to believe, but the climbing at the end made the day more interesting.

The flat river and farmland paths had become a bit repetitive; the ascents, however, took us through some leafy forest and, later, gave us a fabulous view down on the farmland.

Use of drugs associated with chemsex among MSM varies substantially across European cities.

As city is the strongest predictor of chemsex-drug use, effective harm reduction programmes must include structural as well as individual interventions.

It was Bastille Day, Donald Trump was in town and …

but, no more – that’s a wrap and the end of Cycling in Europe, 2017.

That evening, we rode 3 kms into Ingolstadt to look around and eat.