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Fuck date phone

Defense Secretary James Mattis told a White House news briefing that preparations for a celebration are underway.

(New York Times / CNN) 2/ Top White House officials knew about the allegations of Rob Porter's verbal and physical abuse for months.

White House Counsel Donald Mc Gahn knew in January 2017 that accusations by Porter's ex-wives could threaten his security clearance.

Mulvaney currently holds two posts, as director of both the White House budget office and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The measure keeps the government open until March 23.

The bill also increases federal spending for the military and domestic and disaster relief programs by hundreds of billions of dollars. A Homeland Security Department official said that of the 21 states that were targeted, a "small number" were successfully penetrated.

(Washington Post / New York Times) 1/ Russian hackers penetrated voter registration rolls in several U. Officials maintain that there is no evidence that voter rolls were altered.

But after graphic photos emerged of the abuse, Kelly accepted Porter's resignation.