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If you're not coming at dating and sex from a place of confidence and power, then all of the lines and routines in the world will ring hollow.

His other products include The Girlfriend Activation System and The Desire System which we have reviewed on our site.

While I have always had no shortage of women around me, I never truly felt in control of my emotions and choices, and often found myself reacting to the 'issues' and games that women were engineering.

David taught me how to build a bulletproof inner frame, and now I have full control over my dating life - I have hot girls lining up to have sex with me and I find that I am able to choose what kind of relationship(s) I want with whatever woman I want.

Purchase options include: One Hour of Private Coaching: $500 One Day of Private 1-1 Coaching with David Tian: $10,000 Phone/Skype Coaching - One-hour Phone or Skype Coaching Session: $1,000 - 3 One-hour Phone or Skype Coaching Sessions; $2,000 E-mail Coaching - 3 E-mail Package, which includes replies to 3 e-mailed questions from you: $1,000 - 10 E-mail Package, which includes replies to 10 e-mailed questions from you: $2,000 Been taking privates with David for a few months now, and I cannot be happier. I mean this in all seriousness, because I've tried a great many courses that claim to take you to the next level and fail.

The way he challenges me on every session, and the amazing resources he has pointed out for me, have literally changed my life. The problem is all of those programs pack you full of lines and routines but don't address your core attitude.

Invincible by David Tian, The Secret Ancient Dao of Attracting Women, is an upcoming program by David Tian of The Aura Dating Academy.

It has been beta released, and is looking forward to a full release min 2016.

A rare gem in an often overcrowded market, this product represents a high standard for dating products everywhere.