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Cork tv dating

My good old days might be decades apart from your good old days, but that’s not important here.

So to paraphrase Bill Hicks, the nostalgia dollar is a big dollar right now.

“I’ve been single for about two years and my girlfriends got together and signed me up and told me about it the next day. You get a chance to potentially have a choice of thirty girls. You can’t walk into a night club where the girls who think you’re cute have a light on so you know instantly who is interested and who potentially isn’t.

It’s funny because I was on holidays and I got a fortune cookie that said: ‘You will be on TV before the end of the year’. And also you get the chance to go and have some fun in the sun on the island of Fernando.“I would say all our contestants that have been involved with the show have really, really enjoyed it.

Here’s a flavour of the reaction the show generated on social media on Sunday night.