Start 100 hermaphrodite dating

100 hermaphrodite dating

Especially because date palm orchards, which primarily comprise fruit-bearing female trees, can be rapidly ravished by disease, the ability to quickly replant orchards from seeds or seedlings known to be female would be of great benefit.

With this short-read strategy, contigs broken by short repeats are joined to a scaffold by paired-end information.

We used the SOAP Correction Tool to correct sequence reads before assembly and closed gaps where possible with the SOAP Gap Closer.

The assembly stage used 526,443,374 sequences as input (Supplementary Fig. This yielded an N50 contiguous sequence (contig), the shortest length of contigs contributing more than half of assembled sequence, of 6,441 bp and a scaffold N50 size of 9,339 bp when scaffolds ; at least three longer mate-pair links were required to join contigs to scaffolds.

Total global production of dates in 2007 was 6.9 million tons (

However, date palm biotechnology faces many challenges, including long generation times, the inability to simply distinguish between the many varieties of date palm and the inability to distinguish female from male trees at an early stage. Specifically, date palms take 5–8 years after planting to flower, the earliest point at which male and female trees can be distinguished.

Other monocotyledonous plants (class Liliopsida) for which genome sequences are available are mainly grasses (order Poales).

The tree was constructed in the Interactive Tree Of Life ( from taxonomy numbers in NCBI (

This coverage is greater than the theoretically determined minimum for a high-quality assembly using reads of this length.