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Lara's abuse surfaced after a man wrote prosecutors in June 2003, claiming that Lara framed him because Lara was interested in his girlfriend.

Investigators found a number of text messages between the Girards and the girl in which they discussed using numerous prescription drugs, and sexually explicit messages that Michael Girard had sent to the teenager, according to the affidavit.

Several members of Patricia Girard’s family attended her court appearance.

The girl said that after some time, the couple began flirting with her.

She said that eventually “she got addicted to the pills and would have to do sexual favors with both Michael and Trish in order to get” more drugs, Simons wrote.

Patricia Girard then gave the girl the anti-seizure medication Gabapentin “to calm her down,” according to the affidavit.

The teen said the Girards subsequently provided her with drugs on a daily basis, and that bottles of prescription medications were hidden throughout the couple’s home in the 25000 block of Heather Glen Court, the affidavit asserts.

Voters created a civilian board to review complaints against police.

The department added internal investigators and tightened hiring procedures.

A Veneta woman arrested last month for drugging and sexually abusing a teenager pleaded guilty Thursday and was sentenced to two years in prison.

Patricia Girard, 37, asserted through her attorney that the crimes she committed against a girl who stayed at her home earlier this year likely stemmed from her own chronic use of prescription painkillers — an explanation that Lane County Circuit Judge Mustafa Kasubhai promptly rejected.

One said he pointed a gun and said he would shoot her if she ever told.