Start Xm radio updating message

Xm radio updating message

owners may contact isuzu customer service at 1-800-255-6727.

under extreme steering maneuvers, such as turning the steering wheel fully to the left or right while braking, the hose may fracture and leak fluid.

a fire could occur even while the vehicle is not in use.

as a precaution, owners are advised to park outside until the remedy has been made.

if the module is not functioning properly, it will be replaced. gm will notify buick, chevrolet, and gmc owners, isuzu and saab will contact their respective owners. buick owners may contact the owner center at 1-800-521-7300, chevrolet owners at 1-866-694-6546, gmc owners at 1-866-996-9463, isuzu owners at 1-800-255-6727, and saab owners at 1-855-880-0808. fluid may enter the driver's door module, causing corrosion that could result in a short in the circuit board.