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Arnav place his forehead on Khushi, panting hard to breathe properly. Then he took her into his arms and explained slowly, “I am sorry Lav. Yes.”” Slowly she released herself from him and took his hands within her and spoke composedly, “I understand Arnav. Lavanya turned to close the door and guided Arnav to the bed. She helped him lie down after taking his shirt off and pulled a blanket to cover him. Arnav tried to explain but she placed her finger on his lips.” “I know.” Then she closed his eyes with her hand and whispered into his ears, “I love you. Still, he was in partial denial that his di (elder sister) was no more. Though Arnav was shocked seeing her at that conditions he kept clam.

Eventually Arnav decided to stay away from her until she became perfectly fit and start realizing her current situation. You are always welcome and I missed you.” “I missed you too my son. I am perfectly fine; just bit disturbed with few issues.” “Yeah…Then fine…. When he entered the bunglow, uncannily Avinash asked him to get freshen first and join the drink later. How…Oh….impossible…” Arnav was shocked beyond his imagination. He failed to hide his astonishment while Lavanya was looking at everywhere except him. I can’t live without you.” “Shhhh…It’s okay baby…I…I am sorry…I didn’t mean that…I was bit disturbed… As usual Avinash made fun of Arti behind her back and that made Arnav laugh after long times.

His trance broke with sudden sound of opening of the door. ” He heard the voice and all of his tiredness was vanished magically. I understand, my boy is strong enough to handle any situation…So, we should have boys’ time at my place. As soon as he entered his room and switch on the light, he received a wonderful surprise; Lavanya was sitting and sniffing at his bed. Then heard his father’s amused yet authoritative voice from behind, “Arnav I told you…even warn you many times…never hurt a beautiful girl. ” Arnav forgot to respond his father and involuntarily his feet slowly moved towards her. Look at me” She nodded in negative, still refused to look at him. I am sorry, Please don’t cry….” He soothed her back. Then Lavanya informed from the dining room that dinner is ready.

His heart beat got accelerated at a dangerous speed while holding her stomach Khushi kept laughing abandon; oblivious of the effect of that on Arnav’s mind, body and soul. we are coming.” Arnav got up immediately and helped Khushi to stand.

Without any preamble, groaning loudly, Arnav fiercely rolled over her and slammaed his lips on her. She was avoiding looking at him, still shivering as an aftermath of their kiss.

———— Arnav sat on the bed and made her sit after she stopped crying. But he couldn’t able to finish as all in sudden she took his lower lips within her and moved over his lap. But his heart and mind were not allowing him to do that.

As she placed her head at his left shoulder, her gather her in sideways. I…” Arnav looked at Lavanya and found her upturned face; eyes were shining with expectations. As he realized her next move he turned still; forgot his speech completely. It was so unexpected that Arnav lost his balance and fell on the bed with Lavanya on the top. He felt like an urgent need to tell her about Khushi; couldn’t keep her in dark about his past.

They stared at the front window; looking at the slightly smaller moon. Yet I complained to aunty and she went angry with you. With a reflex he held her waist and Lavanya receive that act as an encouragement. Avinash noticed that yet ignored because he wanted Arnav to open up with his problems.

Both of them were trying hard to start a conversation which was new in their relationship. I should have tried to understand you and your situation. Her left arm began to glide to downwards while she threaded the fingers of her right hand into his hair. Hunh…I thought…” Avinash knew well how to make fun of Arnav. After dinner, they kept on discussing over two round of drink while Lavanya excused a good night and went to the room which she would be sharing with Arnav.

Then she mechanically moved to the other side of the bed and slipped into Arnav’s blanket. His name was quite familiar but Arnav couldn’t remember where he heard this name. You can’t.” She started screaming like insane while her baby began to brawl its heart out. Arnav knew at once there was no hope in her question. He averted his eyes and nodded in negative looking at the floor. When they reached at Sarkar mansion it was already full relatives and friends.

Placing her head on his chest, hugging him sideways, she drifted into a dreamless sleep. Neend gayi chain gaya Saawan bin rain gaya Main jaanu kya hai ye raaz Main naate tod aaya Yaar kahin chhod aaya Bin sargam jaise hon saaz Par dil kare to kya kare Par dil kare to kya Mere dil ki raahein Yun gumsum veeraan hain Jaise hon ye bhi naaraaz Dil unko yaad kare Raatein barbaad kare Par keh na paaye ye raaz Mann kare bhulaa dun gile Na rahein shiqve gile Tujh ko doon aise aawaaz Par dil karay to kya karay Par dil karay to kya Thay jin se dil ke waaste Kyun ban gaye wo faasley Par dil kare to kya kare Par dil kare to kya Arnav was shocked beyond his own imagination when he heard about Anjali and her affair with a married man, Shyam Sarkar. So far, it was a hell hectic & grueling day for him. Khushi jerked back from her nightmare into reality; screaming like an insane. Khushi felt twisted her stomach and ripped her heart out in tandem. I was trying my best to fall in love with him, giving him his baby. He went to her.” Then suddenly staring at Arnav, she spoke firmly, “I want to see him.” “I will take you to home. With their hawk eyes they left no chance to gossip about this juicy extra marital affair. But realized immediately within few hours her world had changed immensely.

——————– Arnav forgot how long he was sitting there in the dark; drinking uncontrollably. Let me heal you; ebb your pain…please.” As she burrowed his face into her stomach, he wrapped his arms around her waist. She stroked his hair gently, relieved that her Arnav was finally with her.