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The local council may approve your application based on the following reasons: that the flat is located within or attached to the house or the lot on which the granny flat is to be constructed on measures at least 450 square meters.

This series consists of six designs covering a range of concepts, lifestyles and environmental conditions.

By offering planning and construction documentation online we can make architectural design affordable.

The designs consist of a series of 'pavilion type' buildings.

For starters, the requirements for building one include the following: only one granny flat is allowed per property, that the total combined floor area of your house and your flat should comply with the floor space area controls of the local environment plan, that living space must not exceed 60 square meters, that the lot is not subdivided, that it meets height and setback requirements that are mandated by SEPP and that it meets the building code of Australia requirements.

Next, you need to get an approval and to do this you must file a Development Application (DA) with your local council to start building your flats.

And lastly, unless you have superior building skills, you may want to consult with an architect, building designer or planning consultant about building your granny flats as these professionals will know what sort of development you can do and help you draw up plans that are guaranteed to get you your approval as soon as 10 days. To see if you are eligible or to obtain more information about the First Home Owner Grant, please visit the The First Home Owner Grant Summary Page, and then select the state or territory in which you intend to purchase your home.

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