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I see someone mentions that according to someone at the NME 3-Action!

“A Breath of Fresh Air-gency”, their final vinyl offering was released in 1987 with an enthusiastic response from a couple of their best mates…

and that’s no exaggeration – they thought it was dead good!

I notice that there is an account for vladtheimpaler999 which has the “I Get Around” video I mentioned before but also many more songs by the band. He has also uploaded the songs, “I Get Around (Live)“, “Stay With Me“, “Laughing in a Funny Way“, “Matter Batter“, “I Get Around“, “One Track Mind“, “Snail With a Gold Plated Plastic Shell“, “What You Gonna Do When Your Lifeline Snaps? Are there any more recordings other than the ones on the record? Sometimes Swift Nick, a promoter and editor of the New Youth fanzine, would make some poetic contributions. The bastard sons of East Hull, radical noise in Hawaiian shirts, trailed a blaze, appealing to all subject to a glue induced haze – from Jimmy Reckitt to Bev Road, through the mid to late ’80s.

The Understudies have released a new digital single titled “Travelling Companion” with its “b side” “Everybody’s Got To Go” and both songs are great. The EP actually hasn’t been released yet, it is supposed to be out on February 9th. Actually it seems there’s a connection with Madrid according to their Facebook. And so, I decide to investigate one of them, see what I can find in the depths of the world wide web, let’s see what’s the story behind 3-Action! That is always a good first stop to find out about the band. All of them released by Ediesta Records between 19.

Here they contribute the song “If Only I Had the Guts” and they are in very good company, you see The Close Lobsters, The Television Personalities, The Bats and many more!

Graeme Sinclair is credited for compiling this comp which all of its profits were donated to Shelter: National Campaign for the Homeless.

in Hull while The Housemartins used to name check all the time according to a Youtube user.