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Science partner Peter Pham, who has deep Silicon Valley connections, spends all his time socializing their businesses with Valley investors.

Famously recruited out of private equity to run Myspace, Jones took over as CEO with two other guys as a trifecta of management to recover the growth of Myspace.

Over the past 18 months, Science has invested more than $5M in its mobile asset base, giving it a unique understanding in driving adoption and consumption within mobile apps for entertainment and content.

Jones’ joy and support system is his wife and two children.

“I look for businesses where they have positive economics, we can leverage paid marketing dollars in order to grow them, [and] there is a system around them with some level of predictability which is much more attuned to a scientific method rather than random ideas.” Jones understands the mindset of an entrepreneur looking for startup capital, as he has been starting businesses since high school; the music / pop culture magazine he started during college eventually grew into national distribution.

Founder and CEO Mike Jones says the company believes in startups with a formulaic methodology of growth.

Fame Bit helps build personal businesses by connecting You Tube and Instagram influencers with brands looking for promotion.

Jones thinks that the sector providing entertainment for phones has room for a large shift in strategy and growth – a moment where you could build a major media company through mobile apps, Facebook Live, Instagram, and Snap, Inc.

The ingredients of a valuable entrepreneur change from sector to sector and firm to firm, but Jones has identified the through-line for Science to be those who are personally connected to the problem, working for reasons way beyond financial reward, highly receptive to advice and guidance, curious by nature, and understand the problem they’re tackling.