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Switch RTC is very simple use, customize and get started with.

How can we integrate Switch RTC into your video communications solution?

As members of the Switch RTC Technology Circle program we are happy to build the Switch RTC SFU into your application – contact us today!

In web applications, true P2P is near impossible to achieve.

You could try to achieve something not-entirely-unlike peer-to-peer communication with javascript and HTML5 websockets on the clients.

So, Switch RTC takes benefits easily on each improvement from Google itself.

We want to thank to Amir Zmora (Co-founder & CEO at Switch RTC) and their support team that followed us along the process of building our own prototype and then in a real customer project.

In Web we’ve been using Switch RTC which is a Web RTC based Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) that runs on Amazon AWS or other cloud public or private environments.

We recently joined their partnership program Switch RTC Technology Circle partner program and thanks to that we had the opportunity to fully test its capabilities.

In this scenario, you would use your server as a broker to set up the connections between your clients.

(since your server knows where to reach your clients).

If i write socket related coding in controller classes, the coding comes under server side right?