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Mistry dating book

To make matters more complicated, DI Angus Mc Guire is juggling an affair with his boss’s daughter and trying to cope with fraught family relations.

These guys are rakshashas – aka demons – and the Mistry family is in deep trouble.

Stand alone or series: First in the Ash Mistry Chronicles How did I get this book: Bought Why did I read this book: I was a huge fan of Sarwat Chadda’s Billi Sangreal series and had been waiting to read this new series for a while.

Hema enjoys all aspects of general practice and cosmetic dentistry and has completed the Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry course at the world renowned Eastman Dental Hospital in London.

She is a highly experienced practitioner with a broad spectrum of skills in both NHS and Private dentistry.

It comes hot on the heels of her debut novel, Unquiet Souls, released last year.

Liz credits an MA in creative writing with helping her deal with depression - and it led to literary success.

But Ash already knows something is very wrong at Savage Palace and that the aristocrat’s sinister henchmen are not quite what they seem.

After all, do bodyguards generally sprout claws and fangs – or have a nasty habit of transforming into massive crocodiles?

Outside dentistry, Hemma enjoys travelling and keeping fit.

THREE dead prostitutes and a turf war between local gangsters takes a murder investigation into Bradford communities, where tensions run high.

Sidekick Sadia is a refreshingly feisty Muslim female police officer.