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Does updating wii remove homebrew

Instead, it gets installed in addition to any current IOS versions.

For example, it is possible to install applications such as Netflix to stream media (without requiring a disc) on the Wii.

Some of the functions provided by these Channels on the Wii used to limited to a computer, such as a full-featured web browser and digital photo viewer.

Users can also use Channels to create and share cartoon-like digital avatars called Miis and download new games and Channels directly from the Wii Shop Channel.

Pokémon Battle Revolution is the first example Nintendo has given of a game using Nintendo DS-Wii connectivity.

Nintendo later released the Nintendo Channel for the Wii allowing its users to download game demos or additional data to their Nintendo DS.

With Internet connection enabled users are able to access the established Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service.

Wireless encryption by WEP, WPA (TKIP/RC4) and WPA2 (CCMP/AES) is supported.

As a side effect, this means it is impossible for Nintendo to implement any functions that would affect the games themselves, for example an in-game system menu (similar to the Xbox 360's in-game Dashboard or the Play Station 3's in-game XMB).