Start Private listing updating service

Private listing updating service

The agent communicates with VSTS or TFS to determine which job it needs to run, and to report the logs and job status.

The service allows buying agents to offer opportunities and inventory not currently available in the public domain.

“Pocket listings are a significant part of our business, and The fills an obvious void in the market for a national platform where agents can share and collaborate amongst themselves,” said Dyson.

Every agent has a set of capabilities that indicate what it can do.

The new membership-based service provides a secure, searchable online platform where listing agents can streamline and share valuable off-market information, and buying agents can search for properties that cannot be sourced through the MLS or other public, searchable entities.

So for many teams this is the simplest way to build and deploy. An agent that you set up and manage on your own to run build and deployment jobs is a private agent.

You can try it first and see if it works for your build or deployment. You can use private agents in VSTS or Team Foundation Server (TFS).

If your build and release definitions are in VSTS, then you've got a convenient option to build and deploy using a hosted agent.