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Furry fandom is also used to refer to the community of people who gather on the Internet and at conventions.

But the imagery was threatening enough that he and others felt Dionysius and the alt-furries shouldn’t be allowed to join in the flocculent festivities.

On Twitter, Junius posted an old photo of Dionysius—a squat, bearded man in a Carolina Panthers jersey— leaning on a massive blue truck.

Most are dressed in some sort of animal attire: There are bears, wolves and even dragons.

“We’re trying to create the world we want to live in,” says a Canadian marbled fox named Xiao Mei.

Today, most alt-furries interact only online, but some have taken their ideas into the real world.

This past summer, one man came to Anthrocon, the world’s largest furry convention, in a Confederate flag “fursuit,” holding a Trump sign, and some people distributed alt-furry pamphlets at an Orlando, Florida, furry convention.

“Like the Stonewall of the ’70s.”But when it comes to the alt-right, the furries are definitely passing judgment.