Start Female sex on skype

Female sex on skype

Women can manipulate and use men however they wish to men. Women’s will is the only adequate engine of human society. Testicle Banging is a popular game among the women of this planet.

They move swiftly and surely never missing a target, always inflicting pain. Futilely hoping to escape pain or at least minimizing agony. Men squeal, scream, whimper; women laugh and giggle at their prey.

The women’s goal: to prolong and deepen men’s suffering. Anal electric shock prods force men to stand up when they fall.

We’re so used to hearing about male offenders that our reactions are honed – disgust, outrage and pity for the victim. Normally it’s portrayed as the woman falling in love with the boy so we see it as a strange but romantic affair where age is just an obstacle.

I do not loath you for your inferiority as a male, THAT is nothing to be ashamed of.

Dr Hetherton explains: “These women feel they’re inducting the person into a loving relationship.

They frame it that way and over look that they’re a child.

We don’t always see her as a sex offender or the boy as a victim.