Start Dating a single father tips

Dating a single father tips

Think long term – If you date a single dad by default you are a step mom.

When I first started dating again after my son (who is now three) was born, my confidence and self-belief couldn’t have been lower.

It took me a long time to get over the stigma of being a single parent – especially when it came to dating.

There’s two things, what dating a single dad be like and usually these experiences don’t correspond.

A man whose actions and behaviors reflect his responsibilities will exude specific characteristics and so a relationship with him comes with certain predictabilities.

Drama is a’coming – If he is a single dad that likely means there is a single mom.

Some of the craziest women I have ever known are divorced mothers; and mom madness gets intensified when she feels threatened by daddy’s new ‘girlfriend’.

Not all drama is such a bad thing, that means she is paying attention but be prepared for a bit of ex-wife excitement at times.

I’m biased, but I believe a relationship with a quality, divorced father can be the most fulfilling of any.

That means paying attention to the domino effect of parenting.

What you do today will come back around later – in the form of the kids’ behavior and actions.

But I’m convinced these five characteristics should tell you that you’ve landed one of the good ones.