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Cars were rattling up the pier, passengers were trooping down the gangways, ami the decks fore and aft were becoming thronged. She was taller than the common, and had golden red hair and magnificent dark grey eyes of great size.

"Here” — panting audibly as if lie had been running hard — "your mother's little pearl ring." The girl drew off her slack, soiled glove and took the ring in her nervous fingers. I’ve been five years wishing and praying to get away, and now ! "She's a perfect pagan — God bless her inno- cent heart !

" You might as well call me a tempest and have done with it, or,” with a glance at the younger man, "say a storm— Glory St Oh ! But just to show you that 1 haven't exactly registered a vow in heaven never to go to church in London because you’ve given me such a dose of it in the Isle of Man, I’ll promise to send you a full and particular report of Storm’s first sermon. " The third bell was ringing, the blast of the steam-whistle was echoing across the bay, and the steamer was only waiting for the mails. While her husband lived she suffocated under the old-maid regime, and wiien he was gone she made no more fight with destiny, but took some simple ailment and died suddenly,' A bare hillside frowned down on the place where Glory was born, but the sun rose over it, and a beautiful river hifjgged its sides.

” With a little catch of the breath she arrested the name before it was uttered by her impetuous tongue, and laughed again to cover her confusion. Taking a step nearer to the gangway the old parson talked faster. ” " Enough for my boat fare and my train.” “ No more ! Woman wants but little here below — Aunt Anna excepted. A quarter of a mile down the river there was a hartoqr, and beyond the harbour a bay, with the ruins of, an old nestle standing out on an islet rock, and then the broad sweep of the Irish Sea — the last in those latitudes to “parley with the setting sun." The vicarage was called Glenfaba, and it was half tflaile outside the fishing-town of Peel.

He was clean shaven, and the lower part of lus face sbemed htavy under thfe splendid fire of the eyes above it. Ilis final instructions were sent from Southampton: “ If it’s a boy, call him John (after the Evangelist), and if it's a girl, call her Glory." At the end of the first year she wrote : “ I have shortened our darling, and you never saw any tiling so lovely !