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Updating pointers visual studio

Problem is, 3D pipelines aren't really set up for generic FIR filters, so the task is to convolute and mutate the traditional 4x4 kernel into something that a GPU understands.

Now, how many different problems did I encounter implementing this?

Let's start with the most powerful cards and work down: You might be wondering why I'm using Direct3D instead of Open GL.

The code has shipped and is in 1.5.10, but is hard-coded off in .

I might resurrect it again as NVIDIA reportedly exposes a number of features in their hardware in Open GL that are not available in Direct3D, such as the full register combiners, and particularly the final combiner.

Although I have it installed for some time now, I've been avoiding using Visual Studio . The incremental improvements in the compiler simply aren't worth putting up with the braindead, butt-slow IDE.

Thus, I've been continuing to use Visual C 6.0 SP5 PP.

I dropped the older KB entries, but they're basically redundant with the change log in Virtual Dub.