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It also remained unclear whether the gunman acted alone when he opened fire on Mar Mina church and a nearby shop, run by a Coptic Christian, in the Egyptian capital's southern suburb of Helwan.

"He started shooting as soon as the police appeared." Mr Hamza's video and similar footage showed the gunman taking no notice of cars, motorbikes and, in some cases, pedestrians walking past him at close proximity.

A gunman who shot dead at least nine people outside a Coptic Christian church in Cairo calmly walked along the street unchallenged for nearly 10 minutes, video footage suggests.

In clips circulated on social media, the attacker is seen stopping only occasionally to fire at his pursuers in the Egyptian capital before being shot himself.

Most videos of Friday's gunman circulating on social media were filmed from windows in high-rise apartment blocks overlooking the street in which the church is located.

The voices heard on the videos hurled insults on the gunman and expressed amazement at how calm he was.

The Interior Ministry, which oversees the police, said the gunman was wounded and arrested, but the Health Ministry said he was shot dead.

The discrepancy could not be immediately clarified.

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