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"On the one hand, using fish oil supplements, you would be able to take in much higher dosages of fatty acids at a time compared to eating fish," Bos said.

Boys in the study without ADHD who consumed omega-3s also seemed to benefit in terms of attention. They also are found in soybean and canola oils, and in walnuts and flaxseed.

However, the improvement in the boys' attention was not huge, and omega-3s did not seem to help other ADHD-related symptoms like impulse control or aggression, said Russell Barkley, clinical professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Parents should not replace their kids' ADHD medication with omega-3s, Bos and Barkley said.

Fish contains many more types of fatty acids, and it has also been suggested that this combination with other fatty acids results in a better absorption of the omega-3 fatty acids we are interested in." Researchers aren't sure why omega-3s appeared to help battle inattentiveness, but Bos noted that omega-3s are an important building block in the brain.

The fatty acids are abundantly present in the brain's cell membranes, where they are thought to facilitate the transmission of neural signals, he said.

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