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Dating neighbor

I have to admit, I yelped a little as I jumped once again, this time to get of his way. Well, he freaked and got nasty." "It's okay," I shuffled my feet and tried really hard not to stare down at her cleavage. At six-two I wasn't used to many people being able to look down their noses at me. Hell, it was a good deal bigger than what you'd expect to find between a full-grown man's legs. I guess the surprise on my face wasn't that hard to read. I could tell I wasn't doing very well because she just kept laughing harder. "Besides, whenever I look at you all I can see is a very beautiful woman! " she said when her hysterical fit finally ran its course. Most of the guys I meet know what I am before hand. How come a nice girl hasn't come along and snatched you up? I got a date for tomorrow night, though." "Oh," she frowned a little. " She bent down and gave me a quick little kiss on the cheek. I tried to think of something to say, but by the time I did, she'd already closed the door of her apartment behind her, leaving me alone on the stoop. She was barefoot, but still only a little shorter than I. "Now that you mention it I haven't had my morning work out. She looked over her shoulder at me from just inside her apartment. I don't want to be jiggling out all over the place!

I was still so full of my own excitement that I barely dodged the boot in time.

I jumped to the side as the heavy black work boot flew by my face.

"I could take you up to my place and show you some of my other work out methods." "Caroline!

As usual I'd worked my fingers to the bone trying to impress my boss.

And it wasn't the smell of hot spicy barbeque in the take out bag I was holding. Sweet, wonderful, adorable little Julie whom I'd worked with for two and a half years. I could either stand there like an idiot, or join in her fun and run after her.

She was sweet, petite, gorgeous and nice as can be. Her sports bra wasn't much less revealing than her bikini top had been. More than that, her lycra shorts revealed just as much, stretching tight around her huge bulge.

" "That must suck." "It's not great," she said sadly.